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I'm Amber. I just finished Undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University, with a Bachelors in Fine Art, in photography. I don't know exactly what I am going to do with myself years down the line, but I do have the next year figured out for the most part.

I will be in New Zealand for the next year helping however I can on farms. I will be working with WWOOF, (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms)

On this blog I will be keeping a journal as well as uploading photographs I take and any other interesting info that I happen upon along the way.

Please keep in touch, I will be far from home and would love to hear from you all!

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wonderful finds after clearing the overgrowth… eucalyptus!

 this is a ponga- 

Silver fernFrond, showing silver undersideScientific classificationKingdom:PlantaeDivision:PteridophytaClass:PteridopsidaOrder:CyathealesFamily:CyatheaceaeGenus:CyatheaSubgenus:CyatheaSection:AlsophilaSpecies:C. dealbataBinomial nameCyathea dealbata
(G. Forster) Swartz, 1801Synonyms
  • Polypodium dealbatum G. Forster, 1786
  • Cyathea tricolor Colenso, 1883
  • Alsophila tricolor (Colenso) Tryon, 1970

Cyathea dealbata, or the silver tree fern or silver fern (kaponga or ponga in the Māori language), is a species of medium-sized tree fernendemic to New Zealand.[1] It is a symbol commonly associated with the country both overseas and by New Zealanders themselves.[2]

This fern is known to grow to heights of 10 m or more (though it occasionally takes a rare creeping form). The crown is dense, and the fronds tend to be about 4 m long and have a silver-white colouration on the undersides. This distinctive silver colouration has made them useful for laying along tracks for night walking. The scales are a dark brown and are often twisted and glossy.[3]

Arriving relatively late in New Zealand’s history during the Pliocene epoch[4](around 5.0–1.8 million years ago), the silver fern occurs on the main islands of New Zealand and on the Chatham Islands to the east, mostly in the subcanopy areas of drier forests and in open scrub. It is known to grow well in well-drainedhumus, and once established, it will tolerate drier conditions. It does best when sheltered from winds and should be protected from frost. It does not grow under the dense canopy of mature forests.

this is a New Zealand winter morning … chilly, rainy, and grayish about 40*F

sun set


art project

letter to update


Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I know ive been gone for a while but in that time I’ve done so much.

Inti and I spent 4 weeks in the US. It was so nice to see everyone. We are now back in NZ and enjoying winter… but it doesn’t feel much like a VA winter since its just pants and a long sleeve shirt kind of weather. Think of it more like springtime, chilly at night and a bit on the rainy side. If this as bad as it gets that’s wonderful! 

I have been keeping very busy doing lots of work around the property giving some trees nice haircuts and some art projects! Lately I’ve been focusing on finding work its not cheep to have big goals and travel expenses.

I also have started hiking around a bit more, and to help I got a hiking buddy, her name is Bonnie. I went with a friend in the valley to get a dog from a local shelter I just couldn’t leave without bringing Bonnie home. She was too cute and quiet and ORANGE. She looks to be a Golden Retriever x Boarder Collie maybe some German Shepherd we think. because it wasn’t the SPCA she isn’t fixed and we think she might be prego, or may have just had puppies, its hard to know at this point. I wouldn’t be too upset if she has puppies I would just have to find really good homes for them all, well maybe all but one:)

I think I might turn this blog into more of a gardening/cooking/lifestyle-block blog rather than a personal blog because it was meant to be a travel blog not a personal blog all along, I feel a bit exposed being so personal. However there will be the occasional photo of myself or Inti and I, I hope you wont mind!

Well, Thanks again for keeping up and let me know some suggestions for a new URL/ Title for the blog it will change to something other than Amber Travels as I’m not traveling any more. 

Kindest regards,


The rachaels in my world are filling up the fridge like an only child

The rachaels in my world are filling up the fridge like an only child